Jul 14, 2017

Sims 4 Morphing Anatomy Mod (beta)

This set of mods replaces all of my previous Sims 4 penis and nipple shape mods. Please read all instructions carefully. If you need to report a problem, please be as detailed as possible (does it show in CAS, in game, when showering, is the rest of the bottom there, etc.) and say whether you've gone through the installation instructions, the troubleshooting instructions, and if possible upload a list of all your mods and custom content. Saying only some variation of "It doesn't work" won't get an answer. Sorry but it's time and energy-consuming to have to ask repeatedly for information, not to mention Blogger limits how many posts are visible on the page. 

Since custom morphs are very new in TS4 and this is a fairly complex mod considering the complications of gender flexibility, and the fact that so many people had problems with my previous Anatomy Mod, I'm considering this a beta. On the other hand, using morphs instead of multiple meshes and options has allowed some simplification and reduction in the number of packages,  and eliminated a possible cause of the wrong bottom showing up, so I hope this works better!