May 24, 2016

Updates, downloads, and post-6/2 patch problem reports - Update 6/14/16

Edit 6/14/15: I know I've been missing in action lately but I've been busy updating meshes and doing a LOT of experimentation and testing, and updating my tools to do the stuff I need to do to adapt to the gender-morph patch. I want to accommodate users' individual preferences as much as possible so expect to see the following.

Penis, nipples, nude in CAS/no nude in CAS, and fixes for Schrodinger's Penis aka random penis popping up unexpectedly or not popping up when expected: all bundled into one set of mods with many options since they're now interrelated and many people are going to find separate mods confusing.  I'm planning the usual penis on males (including males in feminine frame), nipples on females, and an option for penis on females in masculine frame. Nude in CAS will of course be available.

I can also do an "All penis all the time" to give females penises in both frames if requested. Is there any demand for males in Feminine Frame to lose their penises? I can see if that can be done too.

I'm currently doing some tweaking and final testing. In the meantime the current Nude in CAS should fix the wandering penises.

Edit 6/7/16: I see your comments and appreciate them, but I'm working on updating my mods for the 6/2/16 patch which made a lot of basic changes to how the game works with CAS parts, and I just don't have time to reply. Be assured I am working on the problems!

Please report patch-related problems here with as much detail as you can, including which relevant mods you have installed and whether they were updated for the patch. The comment threads for my more popular mods are full and I don't have time now to delete old comments, so I'm more likely to see them here. And please don't just say "It doesn't work" or "The patch broke it" or even "Please fix" - make it informative! :)

For people getting a penis on females and a missing penis on males, please try installing the new version of my Nude in CAS mod and see if that fixes it. If you have sims who already have the wrong nude bottom, you can try resetting the bathing outfit using this:

Fixed mods:

TS4 Nude in CAS - 6/6
TS4 female EA Details skin - 6/7

5/24/15: Sorry the downloads were unavailable recently. My former web host retired the server I was using and required me to migrate to a new system which would be pay instead of included with a domain. It took a little time to find a new host and get everything uploaded, relinked, and tested. Everything should be working now.