May 12, 2013

Sims 3: EA Details Adult Skins

EA Skins With Adult Anatomic Details and Texturing - Update 9/22/13

These are skins that are the EA default skins with nipples, reduced shadowing under the breasts, and subtle female anatomy for females, penis textures and improved nipples for males, and improved bellybuttons for both - no textured muscles. There are three skin sets in both default and non-default versions: Hairless, HairLight (very light body hair), and HairMore (a little more hair). 

Sims 3: Get Naked - New version 10/31/2013

Script Mod to add Get Naked option on Sims

This is a very simple little script that adds an option to Get Naked to all sims Toddler and above. They will change to their naked outfit immediately, with no clothing spin.

Sims 3: Pubic Body Hair

Pubic Hair as Body Hair for Males and Females

This is custom body hair compatible with the 1.22 game patch/Generations and above. It appears in the Chest / Lower chest-stomach area in the Body Hair screen in CAS, and provides your sims with several styles of pubic hair that can match their hair color. 

Sims 3: You've Got a Package!

Tired of that Ken doll look when your sim is in his undies?

This is male underwear with a noticeable but not very conspicuous bulge, for everyone who wants just enough to look like something's there. 

Sims 3: Teen and Elder Nude Muscle Fixes

Default Replacement Nude Tops/Bottoms for Teens and Elders

A set of default replacement nude tops and bottoms that are fully compatible with and should be used with my penis and nipple mods. Use these if the muscle definition is missing on nude teens or elders.

Sims 3: Morphing Nipples

Morphing Nipples for Females

Default replacement nude tops for females ages teen, adult/YA, and elder, with 3D nipples that can be morphed to give individual sizes and shapes. 

May 11, 2013

Sims 3: The Morphing Penis - New version 12/27/2013

Default Replacement Penis With Morphs

This is a penis made using a mesh posted on SexySims by Rockerduck. It's a default replacement mesh for Adult/YA, teens, and elders, with sliders for various details that appear in the Head/Ears General section of the facial sliders. Penis sliders can be hidden so they do not show in CAS. There's also a script for adjusting the penis in-game.

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