May 12, 2013

Sims 3: Teen and Elder Nude Muscle Fixes

Default Replacement Nude Tops/Bottoms for Teens and Elders

A set of default replacement nude tops and bottoms that are fully compatible with and should be used with my penis and nipple mods. Use these if the muscle definition is missing on nude teens or elders.



Install in the standard way Sims 3 package files are installed:


Please do not ask for help with my other mods here. Post in the threads for those mods wherever you downloaded them.


  1. Is this compatible with 1.63 by default?

  2. Will I need this? I'm using the "Dec 10, 2012 Nudist/Nude Clothing mod" from here and the page says it should work without problems with your Morphing Penis/Nipples and such. It takes like 30 minutes to load my game and I have to have everything else quit on my computer so its not something I can quickly and easily test.

    1. If you've noticed that the muscle definition slider doesn't work on nude tops and bottoms for teens and elders, and it bothers you, then you need this. Since you're asking the question, I suspect you don't need it. :)

  3. I am an older woman in my sixties and am new to gaming since having been confined to a wheelchair; I would like to know more about what patches and mods are and how to install and use them; are there any good online tutorials specifically for the patches on this page and, if so, where might I be able to find them or what search parameters should I enter in order to find them? If anyone can answer my naive and foolish questions, I thank you.

    1. As one woman in her sixties to another: Welcome to the Sims 3 and good for you for learning something new!

      Some quick definitions:

      Patches - These are versions of the game. Like most software, The Sims 3 gets updates to its programming to fix bugs and add new functions. You'll normally download and install these using the Launcher. You can see what patch version you have now by starting the Launcher and looking in the lower left corner. If you have a fairly recent patch version installed you'll see "Game Version:" and a number. If you have an older patch version, hover your mouse over the first game icon in the row across the bottom and the number should pop up. The first part: "xx.xx" of that number are what's usually used to identify the patch version.

      Mods/Custom Content - there are a few types:

      Core mods - these replace part of the game programming and change how it works. You normally can use only one core mod at a time in Sims 3. Core mods MUST be updated for each patch and MUST match the patch version of your game.

      Scripts/Hacks - These are added programming that add functions to objects, sims, or the game itself. Scripts/Hacks MAY need to be updated for patches.

      Tuning mods - These change various behaviors by changing values the game uses. For example, a tuning mod can change the length of pregnancy or change how many sims can attend a party. Tuning mods MAY need to be updated for patches.

      Custom Content - CC is sometimes used to refer to all mods, sometimes used to refer only to new clothes, hair, skins, eyes, sliders, objects, furniture, decorations, etc. CC of this type normally does not need updating. Note that objects may contain scripting and may need updating.

      Here's a good overview on using Custom Content:

    2. Dear Cmar, Thanks for the wealth of information! Even these basic definitions are difficult to find and the closest thin to instructions seem to be coded so that only those already initiated into the Sims world can understand them. I can see myself wasting hours of time on this! Thanks again.

  4. How do you uninstall?

  5. How do I uninstall?