Jul 14, 2017

Sims 4 Morphing Anatomy Mod (beta)

This set of mods replaces all of my previous Sims 4 penis and nipple shape mods. Please read all instructions carefully. If you need to report a problem, please be as detailed as possible (does it show in CAS, in game, when showering, is the rest of the bottom there, etc.) and say whether you've gone through the installation instructions, the troubleshooting instructions, and if possible upload a list of all your mods and custom content. Saying only some variation of "It doesn't work" won't get an answer. Sorry but it's time and energy-consuming to have to ask repeatedly for information, not to mention Blogger limits how many posts are visible on the page. 

Since custom morphs are very new in TS4 and this is a fairly complex mod considering the complications of gender flexibility, and the fact that so many people had problems with my previous Anatomy Mod, I'm considering this a beta. On the other hand, using morphs instead of multiple meshes and options has allowed some simplification and reduction in the number of packages,  and eliminated a possible cause of the wrong bottom showing up, so I hope this works better!

Jun 23, 2017

Status update - TS4 penis

I've been missing for some time: dealing with some health issues, doing a lot of work on other projects, learning how the TS4 morphing system works, and developing a tool to make the resources for custom morphs. Now that I've successfully made a new face slider and am almost done with an enhanced butt slider, I'm going to come back to the penis and work on a new version that will hopefully be more reliable, have morphs and presets, and not have the thigh morph distortion. How well I can do with the gender frame issues remains to be seen but I'll do my best.

Jun 15, 2016

The Sims 4: Anatomy Mod! Penis, 3D nipples, and optional Nude in CAS

You MUST have the June 2016 patch to use this set of mods! If you play in offline mode you'll have to go online and update - otherwise use the old Sims 4 Penis, Sims 4 Nipple mod, and Sims 4 Nude in CAS mods. 

This mod optionally will give your Sims 4 male sims teen through elder their missing equipment, and give females 3D nipples. (Nipple shape ONLY.) Optionally it will show the nude body when you remove clothes in CAS and show the nude female top and the nude female and male bottoms as wearable clothing in CAS.

May 24, 2016

Updates, downloads, and post-6/2 patch problem reports - Update 6/14/16

Edit 6/14/15: I know I've been missing in action lately but I've been busy updating meshes and doing a LOT of experimentation and testing, and updating my tools to do the stuff I need to do to adapt to the gender-morph patch. I want to accommodate users' individual preferences as much as possible so expect to see the following.

Penis, nipples, nude in CAS/no nude in CAS, and fixes for Schrodinger's Penis aka random penis popping up unexpectedly or not popping up when expected: all bundled into one set of mods with many options since they're now interrelated and many people are going to find separate mods confusing.  I'm planning the usual penis on males (including males in feminine frame), nipples on females, and an option for penis on females in masculine frame. Nude in CAS will of course be available.

I can also do an "All penis all the time" to give females penises in both frames if requested. Is there any demand for males in Feminine Frame to lose their penises? I can see if that can be done too.

I'm currently doing some tweaking and final testing. In the meantime the current Nude in CAS should fix the wandering penises.

Edit 6/7/16: I see your comments and appreciate them, but I'm working on updating my mods for the 6/2/16 patch which made a lot of basic changes to how the game works with CAS parts, and I just don't have time to reply. Be assured I am working on the problems!

Please report patch-related problems here with as much detail as you can, including which relevant mods you have installed and whether they were updated for the patch. The comment threads for my more popular mods are full and I don't have time now to delete old comments, so I'm more likely to see them here. And please don't just say "It doesn't work" or "The patch broke it" or even "Please fix" - make it informative! :)

For people getting a penis on females and a missing penis on males, please try installing the new version of my Nude in CAS mod and see if that fixes it. If you have sims who already have the wrong nude bottom, you can try resetting the bathing outfit using this: http://modthesims.info/d/568792

Fixed mods:

TS4 Nude in CAS - 6/6
TS4 female EA Details skin - 6/7

5/24/15: Sorry the downloads were unavailable recently. My former web host retired the server I was using and required me to migrate to a new system which would be pay instead of included with a domain. It took a little time to find a new host and get everything uploaded, relinked, and tested. Everything should be working now.


Oct 26, 2014

Sims 4 - Nude in CAS mod - obsolete after June 2016 game patch

This mod is now obsolete! Please use the Sims 4 Anatomy mod, also available in this blog if your game his the June 2016 patch installed. 

With this mod, when you click the little 'X' for tops, bottoms, or outfits in CAS to remove clothing, your sim will change to nude instead of underwear. Makes sense, right? :)

Nude can be saved as an outfit in any category.

Works on: Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder.

There are separate packages for male and female.

Sep 27, 2014

Sims 4 - Default Replacement Adult Skins for Females - update 6/7/2016

New version uploaded 6/7/2016 - Changes for game patch on 6/2 which broke lots of stuff. Female Teen, YA, and Elder skins now have a breast overlay, which I've used to add the details. For some bizarre reason the Adult skins have no overlays but have different instance IDs. Go figure.

Download the packages marked V2. Don't forget to remove the old version packages.

This is an EA Details skin for The Sims 4 females teen through elder. It adds nipples, subtle anatomy, and very light pubic hair suitable for enhancement with other body hair mods. I also tweaked the butts and breasts slightly to improve the contouring.

Sep 17, 2014

The Sims 4 Penis Mod - obsolete after June 2016 game patch!

This mod is now obsolete! If your game is patched up to date, use the Sims 4 Anatomy mod also posted in this blog! This thread is now closed and comments will not be answered. 

Anatomical correctness is here for TS4 sims teen through elder!

This mod will give your Sims 4 male sims teen through elder their missing equipment. It will also make the nude male bottom visible as a clothing choice in CAS - click on Bottoms and clear any filtering options to find it.

Dec 27, 2013

Tutorial: Adding a penis texture to a skin (Sims 3)

What this tutorial will do: Tell you how to modify an existing Sims 3 skin to add a penis texture.

What this tutorial will NOT do: Give detailed instructions in how to use an  image editor. It's assumed you know how to select an area in an image and do a copy and paste. It will also not tell you how to install the software you need or how to resolve problems running it.


Nov 28, 2013

** Recruiting non-Windows users with missing penises **

That sounds all kinds of wrong, doesn't it? :D

This is a beta test thread for Mac users and maybe Linux users who are having a problem with the morphing penis mod, in which the penis disappears, leaving a hole. I've also gotten reports of the whole nude bottom disappearing or appearing as the EA Barbie version.

May 12, 2013

Sims 3: EA Details Adult Skins

EA Skins With Adult Anatomic Details and Texturing - Update 9/22/13

These are skins that are the EA default skins with nipples, reduced shadowing under the breasts, and subtle female anatomy for females, penis textures and improved nipples for males, and improved bellybuttons for both - no textured muscles. There are three skin sets in both default and non-default versions: Hairless, HairLight (very light body hair), and HairMore (a little more hair). 

Sims 3: Get Naked - New version 10/31/2013

Script Mod to add Get Naked option on Sims

This is a very simple little script that adds an option to Get Naked to all sims Toddler and above. They will change to their naked outfit immediately, with no clothing spin.

Sims 3: Pubic Body Hair

Pubic Hair as Body Hair for Males and Females

This is custom body hair compatible with the 1.22 game patch/Generations and above. It appears in the Chest / Lower chest-stomach area in the Body Hair screen in CAS, and provides your sims with several styles of pubic hair that can match their hair color. 

Sims 3: You've Got a Package!

Tired of that Ken doll look when your sim is in his undies?

This is male underwear with a noticeable but not very conspicuous bulge, for everyone who wants just enough to look like something's there. 

Sims 3: Teen and Elder Nude Muscle Fixes

Default Replacement Nude Tops/Bottoms for Teens and Elders

A set of default replacement nude tops and bottoms that are fully compatible with and should be used with my penis and nipple mods. Use these if the muscle definition is missing on nude teens or elders.

Sims 3: Morphing Nipples

Morphing Nipples for Females

Default replacement nude tops for females ages teen, adult/YA, and elder, with 3D nipples that can be morphed to give individual sizes and shapes.