Nov 28, 2013

** Recruiting non-Windows users with missing penises **

That sounds all kinds of wrong, doesn't it? :D

This is a beta test thread for Mac users and maybe Linux users who are having a problem with the morphing penis mod, in which the penis disappears, leaving a hole. I've also gotten reports of the whole nude bottom disappearing or appearing as the EA Barbie version.

Here's a pic:

This is a known problem with Sims 3 on Mac affecting some custom meshes. In the pic above it's also affecting his hair which shouldn't look like only a black scalp. Deleting caches and restarting often fixes it, but it happens again.

I want to see if a solution can be found, but need testers since I don't have a Mac and don't want to buy one just for this. In order to help, you'll have to visit here regularly, download modified penis meshes and possibly other test meshes, report back after playing with them for a few days and a few restarts of the game, and report any changes that may happen later on.

This is an intermittent problem and going back and forth with test meshes and getting results will take time.

I have one idea so far that I'll work on as soon as I'm sure I'll have someone to test it. Please comment below to volunteer and to report results, questions, problems, etc.

Test 1: Dec. 9, 2013

This is testing the possibility that the intersection of two mesh parts is causing the problem. I've modified the penis mesh so it is entirely outside the lower body mesh. This isn't all that much of an improvement in appearance since the penis will 'float' without being attached to the body, but the idea is to see if it's reliably visible before I go to the time and effort involved in joining it to the body without any intersection. The test package is adult map 1 only. Please remove other am penis mods and clear caches when installing. If possible please test on both fat and non-fat sims since the fat morph may cause intersection. Report results as soon as the penis disappears, if it does. If it's visible, please test for at least a few days before reporting results. Thanks!

NonWindows test package 1 - am map1 only

Sorry I haven't kept up with this - the truth is I still have no clue why this happens. More info might help - could you Mac users tell me about other CC/mods you have problems with? It would be helpful to hear about any clothing, hair, and accessory mods that have disappearing parts like this one. Thanks!


  1. Hi Cmar,

    I am more than happy to help test. Let me know what I need to do.


    1. Thanks! :) I'll post a revised mesh in the next couple of days for you to download and test.

    2. No worries. I'll keep checking back :)

  2. I am also running on a Mac. I'd be happy to test as well, since I'm also discovering the amazing disappearing manhood. I have not seen any gaps with this mod, just with the bulge mods. They just end up ken dolls.

    1. ^ Agreed. It's the ken doll!

    2. You get a crotch hole with the bulge mods? Mine, Jkessels', or both? Is it an actual hole like in the pic for this post, or small gaps that are visible in some positions but not others?

    3. Just the standard ken doll. No gaps here.

  3. Test 1 is up - see the OP for a description and download. :)

  4. Cmar,

    I don't get the crotch hole or bulge. It's just a complete flat surface. Like the female part (but obviously not with the female pubic hair or anything). It pretty much looks like a Barbie doll's private part...completely flat..

    I've also tried to test the version you've posted up. I don't know whether I'm doing it right or not but it didn't work - still no penis.

    What I did was just removed the map 2v2 that was already installed along the penis script 1.63 and CAS penis slider and replaced it with the above test version.

    I'm not too sure exactly how to remove the caches. Maybe that was the problem?

    Apologies for all this, I'm still not an expert on mods =/


  5. Cmar, I use your meshes and they work perfectly ok on my mac version of the sims 3 and pc version.

  6. Removed the cmar_amBottomNudePenis_map2.package and added cmar_amBottomNudePenis_map1_MacUnixTest.package to /Mods/Packages and deleted my cache files. My adult now has the standard barbie groin, no hole, no penis, while the teens still show the hole. :/

    Thanks for your hard work on this, Cmar!

  7. I am on a Mac and I was encountering the same problem. The mod was working fine, but when I patched my game to 1.67, and the men in my game reverted back to barbie form. I uninstalled my game and reinstalled in order to unpatch and I am now back to 1.66, but it is still happening, I can clear my cashes and the mod will sometimes appear, but as soon as I save and reopen my game, the barbie bodies are back. I tried removing the mesh cmar_amBottomNudePenis_map2.package and replacing it with the test mesh above, but all i got was barbie bodies, even when i cleared the cashe files.

    Is this still being worked on? doesn't look like there have been any new posts in a while.... :(

  8. Update - or lack of update: Sorry I haven't kept up with this - the truth is I still have no clue why this happens. More info might help - could you Mac users tell me about other CC/mods you have problems with? It would be helpful to hear about any clothing, hair, and accessory mods that have disappearing parts like this one. Thanks!

  9. Hi I have a question. I have installed all your mods and seem to have some strange results and wonder if there are conflicts. I have some young adult male sims with no penis the white teenagers with a black penis and an elderly some with black. In the athletic I have one that has a blue penis and in some I have white sims with correct color penis. Is this because I have the morphing penis mod installed? I also have the am mod which I don't know if it means African American but if it does that might make sense why some have black penis...but a blue penis? Anyway finally things seem to be working and it's fun to see how the mods work.
    Thank you for your mods...and any advice.

  10. I finally got the penis to show up correctly on my mac, using your latest script mod (163.V2), penis maps-V2 (using ephemera skin) and the erect slider (for CASVisible tuning) only. I also used Buhudain's real texture overlay which works well. The fix (for MacUnixV1) was not working for me, even with only the penis V1 maps installed, (with or without sliders). Next thing is to try out the pubic hair see if that will show up in cas. Thanks for your works.

  11. I've been playing around with this for a while (pun intended). One of the few fixes that I have found, was to remove the script completely, run the game, save, and put the scripts back in. I know its a pain, but it works (at least for me using Linux).

  12. Just in case you ever feel like looking at this again, I might have another data point for you:

    I'm on Linux and I'm getting this issue intermittantly (sometimes the penis is missing, sometimes the entire lower body is missing). I've noticed that zoom matters; often if the lower body is missing, zooming out a bit or turning the camera will make it appear. The penis is still missing, however.

  13. I'm the anonymous that posted on Feb. 8. I've got some more information.

    I have occasionally gotten the hole in the crotch effect, but usually it's either just missing penis or missing penis and legs. Teens and elders tend to miss the legs more than adults, but that might just be coincidence.

    If a game loads with penises displaying correctly, it will always display them correctly; likewise, if it loads and displays them incorrectly, it will always display them in the same incorrect way.

    Horse penises sometimes, but not always, cause the horse itself to be invisible save for the penis, mane, and tail. Unlike the human penis problem above, it seems to be horse-specific, at least for a given game load. You can have two horses with visible penises next to each other - one visible, one not. Mares seem unaffected.

    Possibly related: pet fur is completely messed up. Furry pets will display with a vertical combing effect. Dog penises always display fine (don't remember if that comes from you or not), but regardless of sex the fur shows incorrectly with every load of the game.

    Tall buildings and shells cause problems as well, although it's completely different; you get that weird effect you sometimes get if you set a camera halfway through a face in OpenGL. Imagine the center of the screen with flat-colored lines and regions coming out of the center. Moving the camera outside of the shell helps.

    Anyway, if you do look into this again, I hope this information helps.

  14. Same guy again that posted on Feb. 26.

    Here's what I've figured out:

    The horses aren't part of the Linux/Mac bug. That problem occurs with Windows users as well.

    I've found it seems to be related to the state of the graphics card. Not all programs play nice and leave the graphics card in a nice state. Most of the time you don't really notice because most programs set up the graphics card correctly when they start. I suspect the Sims does not.

    What works for me:
    Start sims after a reboot (or possibly after logging out of X and back in). You want the graphics card completely reset.

    Start up the sims and _DO NOT_ switch away from it or start any other programs. Let it load, then load your savegame.

    Now you can do pretty much whatever - the penises should display correctly.

    I've found Youtube on Firefox (haven't tried any other browser or video site) tends to cause issues. As long as you load up the Sims before you open your browser, you should be fine.

  15. Same guy that posted on Mar. 14.

    I recently started playing a futa girl and noticed something interesting: the teen female penis seems to always show up, even when the male penises do not. I haven't tested older females yet.

    This may be significant because if any male penises do not show up, ALL male penises do not show up - regardless of age.

    I haven't had the bug on the female penis yet, but I've only tried a few times.